Harrows Fire Inferno 90% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts - 22 Gram

Sale price£62.95


Available in various weights, Fire Inferno Steel Tip Darts feature 90 % Tungsten Steel, Red Supergrip Ignite Stems & 100 Micron Fire Flights

  • Intricately Designed with Advanced Machining Techniques
  • Finest Injection Moulded 90% Tungsten
  • Fire Effect Bi-lateral Milling with Reverse Ring Cuts
  • Front Tapered Barrel
  • Tough Black Titanium Nitride & Metallic Red Coatings
  • Red Supergrip Ignite Stems, 100 Micron Fire Flights & Hard Case
  • Barrel Length 50.0mm
  • Barrel Width 7.3mm

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