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Girls on Top: Lisa Ashton

Posted on June 26, 2017 by htdarts

Not forgetting the ladies, we over at High Tension are here to bring you some of the latest in the female darts community. Today, we will be putting the current BDO Champion of 2017 under the microscope.

From Bolton, England – Lisa Ashton is arguably one of the best female darts players of all time. At 46 years old she has one impressive list of achievements within the professional darts scene. Growing up with four brothers meant that darts was an inevitable part of her life, impressing her brothers with her talent she started to take darts more seriously, and this was the best career move she could have made!

Not only is she the BDO champion of this year already, she was the champion in both 2014 and 2016 as well, losing out in the finals of 2015 to Trina Gulliver – it is clear to see that the loss did not dampen her success by any stretch of the imagination.

Despite all of her success, she does still rank 2nd  (as off the 20th of January 2017) in the world to the respectable number one that is Deta Hedman, 11 years her senior.  We certainly cannot wait to see if Lisa can carry on the her great success so early on in this year, and perhaps as off next January those rankings might tell a very different story…