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Amateur Hour – Current News

Posted on January 17, 2017 by htdarts

It would be outstanding if we could talk about the professional community without mentioning the amateur darts community! In many other sports, namely boxing, the amateur community arguably boasts more skill than the professional community. Whether or not this is the case within darts, the amateur community is something we are passionate about over at High Tension.

So, the UK Open Darts Qualifiers is underway. For those of you who are unsure, this is a competition hosted by Riley’s Sports Bars all over the UK that runs between 20th January and 11th February. Absolutely anyone can enter the competition, which is an absolutely wonderful way to encourage inclusivity and grow the community.

So how does it work? The competition itself is a series of knockout tournaments that will eventually whittle the contestants down to the final 32 who will compete in the final 2017 tournament. Last year Barry Lynn was defeated by Michael van Gerwen but had previously defeated Gary Anderson on his way to the last eight. With last years results a precursor for this year; hopefully we will see some Giant Killers this time around!

This weekend, the qualifiers are being hosted in: Chester, Chorlton, Norwich, Sheffield, Wolverhampton, Aberdeen, Coventry, South Benfleet, Victoria and Worcester. If you are local to any of those locations, be sure to get down there and support the amateur community!